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What's new at the Co-op

HPC now carries Soluppa all-natural soups! A company based out of St. Paul (a neighbor on University Ave.) makes "goodness" their goal. Soups tasting like homemade varieties, Soluppa ready to eat soups are available in the deli for $8.99/32 ounces. Flavors available: Tomato Basil, Wild Rice Gumbo, Pumpkin Cranberry Bisque, Mushroom Barley Lentil, and more.

Stop in to try for a simple, easy dinner!

Current News

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Welcome New General Manager Greg Junge!

Greg JungeThe HPC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that after a six-month search, the board has hired a new general manager. Greg Junge (pronounced "young") comes to us with 15 years of management experience, and significant retail and food industry experience. His first day on the job was August 4.

News from Our Deli

—by Kathryn Tempas

The Deli Team has been creating some exciting new sandwiches and salads to add a little variety and seasonality to the menu.

Local supplier Fred’s Bread makes a great Flax Oatmeal bread that we are using for Turkey & Havarti and Hummus Roasted Vegetable sandwiches. We’ve got a new Apple Cheddar sandwich and a Curried Mango Chicken wrap that may tempt your taste buds.

Lots more on the horizon. We’ll be sampling some of the new items periodically over the lunch hour, so be on the lookout.

An Aquaponic Farm in Our Neighborhood

—by Meredith Sommers

Did you know that there is a year-round farm in our urban neighborhood? It uses solar energy, no soil, grows basil in orbiting cylinders and lettuce in nests, raises trout and tilapia—and is not slowed down by the harsh Minnesota weather.

Eating Locally in Kauai

—by Naomi Jackson

This summer I took my interest in eating locally to Hawaii. On Kauai, Hawaii’s westernmost inhabited island, we celebrated our niece’s wedding, then turned our attention to Kauai’s cuisine. This included frequent stops at farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and two health-food stores that looked a lot like our co-op apart from the piles of unfamiliar fruit. Being a fruit fan, that’s where I started my exploration. (And stopped a week later, when my stomach rebelled.)

Low-Cost/Low-Waste Lunches

—by Nicole Infinity

My wife and I have both worked in schools for several years now and are well versed in lunches the kids bring from home. When the students open up their lunch bags, the first sight is usually packages.

Although we agree that often school lunches leave a lot to be desired, there are many alternatives to prepackaged foods that are both lower cost and lower waste. These alternatives also apply to the lunches grown-ups pack for themselves.

Encourage your family to bring home any part of the lunch they do not eat. We watch mounds of food from home lunches get thrown away each day. Sometimes kids will throw out entire sandwiches or prepackaged snacks.

The Butterfly vs. The Government

—by Roxy Bergeron

Last October, after over a decade of consideration, the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly was finally granted endangered species status by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This tiny flutterer, with its fuzzy orange head and two-inch wingspan set about with a white and orange checkerboard, has evaporated from its range of approximately 70 sites across the prairie grasslands in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where the luscious grapes grow for an array of fantastic wines. 1 It's now found in at most a half-dozen sites in the Pacific Northwest, 2 with only one population remaining in the Willamette Valley.

Member News: The First Principle

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

Hampden Park Co-op is a member-owned neighborhood grocery store. Like other cooperatives, we operate on principles established by the International Co-operative Alliance (<http://ica.coop/>).

The first principle is "Open and Voluntary Membership." According to the ICA website, "Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination."

At Hampden Park Co-op, this means anyone* may purchase a share of stock (current cost is $30) and participate in the business at whatever level they choose.

Annual meeting held on Oct. 26

Our annual meeting was again held at the Church of St. Cecilia, a block west of the co-op. At the meeting, several members had questions we didn't have time to answer. Attached and listed below are the questions and their answers. 

Board Candidate Statements 2014

Congratulations to Scott Vargo and Martha Hotchkiss for being elected to the board by the member-owners at the Annual Meeting. 

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