Rotisserie Chicken

Good Grab & Go and Soon Rotisserie Chicken at Hampden Park Co-op; Vintage art of chicken with blue ribbon

Coming Soon - Rotisserie Chicken

What are those good smells coming from the co-op deli kitchen? What are they cookin' up in there? They are creating our new, delicious, rotisserie chicken menus!

Using local Kadejan chickens, we are brining them in a special recipe to keep the meat flavorful and moist, then roasting them whole on a rotisserie spit. We'll be offering pieces on our weekday afternoon hot bar with some scrumptious side-dish options – the chicken herbs & spices and savory accompaniments will change every week. Eventually there will be whole birds available to make your grab & go options from Hampden Park Co-op even tastier – and make your busy life easier when it comes to putting together an impressive meal!

So stop in weekdays to find surprise rotisserie chicken offerings on the hot bar as we fine tune the menus – and we'll keep you posted with more details about timing, pricing, etc.